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The Vapor Depot is a small, mall-based company in Ponderay, ID. They sell Electronic Cigarettes and e-liquid. Well, they rip people off. He says "The e-juice we sell lasts for 2 cartons worth", but 15ml hardly lasts that long. Maybe one carton at best.

On top of that, the e-cigs he sells are way too overpriced. DSE-801's for $100, 510's for even more, and now he sells a re-branded Riva for $169! Outrageous. Oh, and his liquid is Dekang liquid which comes from China. He says it's from the US, but no, it's Dekang. 15ml for $20! Dekang liquid is worth like $10 for 30ml! You get half the liquid for 2x as much.

Anyway, he's obviously out for himself and relying on his customers' ignorance in order to make massive profit. Ryan should be put out of business.

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Texas, United States #876929

Dekang e-liquid goes for $4.99 at most stores but I don't buy it anymore

Sandpoint, Idaho, United States #844366

When I got into vaping, I refused to buy from them due to pricing. ABSURD!!!

People think they are getting a deal because they will give you another battery when yours breaks or whatever. Truth is you can replace 2 of the same, plus a higher quality juice for less than what you spend there on 1. MVP2 is $40 on ebay, including the cute designed ones. You can get the ego's for $6 (650mah, or a little more money and get a bigger battery)) and vision spinner for less than 14, including a new vision spinner 2 for $18 and free shipping.

Any smok also for WAY, WAY less. These people are taking advantage of new vapors and I'm glad I didn't fall prey to their scheme. Nasty one flavored juice for that price is robbery. When you have vaped good quality, you won't even believe that you used to vape the garbage they have and for an even higher price.

People should be looking at for $3 clearomizers that vapor depot sells for 10. Exact same clearomizers. Want juice without the chemicals and plenty of flavor? Check out Vapor Chef, Ahllusion, Good life vapor, all vg,velvet cloud vapor.

Want coils that are't $ 7 bucks? Check madvapes, ikenvape, kidney puncher, how about $1.49-1.89 each, yeah I thought that sounded better. Or go to dhgate and get 100 of them for $40. People who shop there are paying for nice vehicles for the owners and all those big screen tv's that no one watches in the store.

People need to do their research and join an online vaping group- you will get honest advice, knowledge and support so that you don't get ripped off and you can afford to vape. They will tell exactly where to go online for the best deal anything vape related. Vapor depot has nothing that online vendors don't have, no matter the brand.

They all order the same *** from the same place, vapor depot just marks it up 200-300%.

to holla Texas, United States #876931

Everything you posted is spot on

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #695518

i purchased a SMOK e-CIG form this store and am 100% pleased with the product. It works.

Compared to the several other products I have purchased...this one is the best.


I was excited to find a vapor store in the area but the prices for liquid are 3x that of Vapor4life which is the best liquid around...batteries are also was over priced..too bad

I have been purchasing from Ponderay Vapor Depot from the beginning. After wasting $200 or more dollars on other vapor prdcts I went there, I have not received anything but excellent info and serv since then, lets face it this is all new/ a product that is in developmnt.

I experienced the sincere intent and care by the owners and Maddie from the beginning, they are diligent sincere concientious and I wish I received this kind of cust serv from other places I shop. Thank you for providing a safe alternative to cigarettes. It is saving my life, and I am 100% satisfied with Vapor Depot Ponderay.

Thanks you guys. This was not solicited by anyone, I am a happy customer, believe me, I do feel sad for the instigator of this issue, hope he can find peace in his mind, he sounds hurt and angry and seems to want to spew it in any direction.


I think your employees need to be educated a bit more in the products that they sell. I came in inquiring about atomizer ohm levels and what yours run at because I can't handle a significant amount of smoke. She kept assuring me that they were 510s...510s she kept repeating. Also, to make sure they would work on my model, she screwed one in and actually put her lips directly onto the atomizer. Then sold it to me!

I tried to email you about this, but never recieved a response.

I don't think your juice is that overpriced. You got to pay the rent somehow.

I did have one more negative about the gal at the counter.

While in the store waiting my turn, she was letting an older gentleman try out different flavors and strengths of nicotine. She started out with a pretty low dose, then when he inquired about the nicotine level not affecting him, she went up a level to around 16 or 18 mg. When he said that wasn't doing it for him either, she went clear up to 32 or 36mg. He was noticably affected afte only a puff or 2. When I looked at her, I swear she had this look of satisfaction in her eyes. He left shortly thereafter with his colleague. But I am convinced that she intentionally OD'ed him.

I don't wish any kind of retaliation that the original poster got from the owner/operator of this business. I am simply stating what happened, and what I percieved. I can't say I am unbiased in my observation, (especially after being sold a used atomizer).

You get what you pay for, and sometimes you get it up certain areas you may not want it! :)



i love the stuff and my only problem is that they don't have a store closer to me in washington


Speekeasy sounds like a disgruntled customer. Honestly, junk is junk, whether it's Ruyan or Joye. I'd rather build my own 5v mod for 15 bucks than spend $100+ on a lame kit that I have to recharge 3x a day.

As for Ruyan liquid, it's really not all that good, and testing has been done to more than just Ruyan liquid for safety. Compare it to the dozens of other liquids out there, and it falls short. Look at all of the e-cig users on ECF, chances are you'll find people far more satisfied with American-made liquid.

I can understand a merchant making money, but only providing a warranty on hardware if they use your liquid is pretty-much forced loyalty. Not the best business model out there. Sure they can choose to use competitors' liquid and void their warranty, and those people will then look elsewhere for replacement parts. Atomizers are a "consumable" item with a lifespan. I'll stick with dual-coil cartos and call it good.

Vapor Depot guy, you sound like one passionate dude, but when you defend yourself that intently, it sounds WAY too defensive. Lay it on a little thinner next time, as it makes it seem like you're desperate. REAL quality speaks for itself.


Their product is pure junk, but they do have good service, seems that people spend more time getting parts replaced than smoking the *** things. Like I said (JUNK).

And yes their juice is marked up about 250%, it's the only way that they can stay in business having to replace the parts every day. ps I cant hardly get one to work for more than a day or two.


Here's a guy who has serious diarrhea of the mouth... Wow! Apparently he knows everything there is to know about the Vapor Depot and how we do business and where we get our product like he or she is some kind of clairvoyant. There's only one thing that *** me off more that *** people and that's ignorant people who don't know when to shut up! So, Speekeasy, since it would seem that you are either (1) hired by a competitor to attempt to drive business away from me since this is like your third post on the same subject at as many forums or (2) a bored, small minded individual with an inclination to the melodramatic. Which is it? Furthermore, allow me to invite you to step from behind your keyboard and "speekeasy" to me face to face. I challenge you to a dual of industry facts, company procedures and knowledge of the products themselves. I have nothing to hide and I guarantee you that it will be you walking away looking like even a bigger *** with your tail between your legs. In fact, if I don't hear from you within 7 days from today (by November 28, 2010) I will assume that you forfeit the challenge and thereby withdraw all of your negative and unsubstantiated comments contained on any forum.

Finally, allow me to attach my response from the first time you began spitting poisonous lies...

Merchant Reply:

De-what? Chinese Juice? No. Ruyan America subsidiary company manufactures our juices. Ruyan is the original manufacturer of the electronic cigarette. The guys that invented it. One of the only companies in the world that have had their liquids tested by Health New Zealand, one of the most respected laboratories in the world. As far as markup... It's not nearly as grand as you might think. The whole reason for finding the safest liquid we could was for our customer's benefit and to aide in not only protection of their health and e-cig hardware, but also to set an example in the industry of responsibility and accountability. There are far too many liquid manufactures in this world who use sub par ingredients, di-ethylene compounds, and alcohol bases in their liquid which have serious long term side effects on the user. So, we pay a lot more than you can imagine for the liquids we sell but there is no price tag on the peace of mind in knowing that our liquids are quite possibly the safest in the world. And they taste great too!

The only places I know of that sell the same liquids we have are an hour south of us and they're selling the 15ml bottles for around $40 a bottle! Now that's a nice markup!

Finally, I'm an American and I love my country. However, I am not naive enough to believe that just because a liquid manufacturer claims to be US based that their juice is any more safe or better tasting than anything coming out of China. Come on! The proof is in the research and testing. Not to mention the amount of atomizers I've seen go bad in under a week when used with an alcohol based liquid. Oh look an indirect method to make more money off of a customer by selling them more parts to keep their e-cig working... Get my point?

We don't play that game with our customers! In fact, provided you use only our liquids in your e-cig (if purchased from us) you will always have a lifetime warranty on your product purchased through us. If anything goes wrong with a battery or atomizer or charger, you name it, it's replaced. No questions asked.

So, with all that said, how do you feel about us now?

Thank you,

The Vapor Depot

PS: we had a customer test the US based 30 ml bottle against our 15ml bottle. Drop for Drop our 15ml bottle of liquid lasted twice as long as the 30ml bottle. How do you explain that? I tell you how... Alcohol atomization and evaporation.

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